Hungarian NGV Association Joins NGVA Europe

MGKKE, a Hungarian NGV-related interest group has joined NGVA Europe in helping increase the public acceptance of NGVs.  MGKKE particularly focuses on raising the share of gas powered vehicles in urban public transport to help improve local air quality and reduce noise levels in Hungarian cities.  One of their main objectives is to help build CNG filling stations throughout the country and today, Hungary has 3 public and 14 private CNG stations. MGKKE’s first ever Hungarian NGV conference held last November 24, 2011 was also a huge success.

To find out more about, visit the Magyar Gázüzemű Közlekedés Klaszter Egyesület website at or read NGV Global’s report about the Hungary NGV association joining NGVA Europe.

China’s NGV Growth Accelerating

Media reports from China indicate that in the year April 2011 to May 2012, natural gas vehicle numbers increased by 378,000. More than 60% of the increase happened in the January to May period of this year.

The increase reportedly brings China’s total NGV population to 1.104 million with 98.9% of those operating on compressed natural gas (CNG).

More information: NGV Global News item on China’s NGV Market and CVWorld.

Bi-fuel Toyota Hilux for Thailand

Thai motorists now have a choice of a CNG/petrol bi-fuel version of the Toyota Hilux Vigo Champ when shopping for pickup trucks. The 2.7 litre vehicle is factory fitted and carries a full OEM warranty.

Buyers can choose between a single cab or dual cab version. In both cases the CNG cylinders are located in a purpose built compartment in the cargo bed.

Toyota also supplies a bi-fuel Corolla sedan in Thailand.

More information: NGV Global News item on CNG Toyota Hilux in Thailand.

Italian Concessions Improve Prospects for NGVs

The Italian government has enacted laws introducing concessions favourable to increasing the number of natural gas vehicles on Italy’s roads.

The concessions include relaxed restrictions on the location and operational requirements for natural gas refuelling stations, including the ability to operate self-serve CNG facilities, and increased weight allowances for heavy-duty vehicles operating on natural gas.

More information: NGV Global News item on Italian NGV policy changes; NGV Italy homepage.