Gazprom Coordinates Meeting to Boost Natural Gas Fuel Uptake in Russia

Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee, moderated an inter-disciplinary meeting on boosting the use of natural gas vehicle (NGV) fuel.  The meeting participants such as the senior officials from specialized Russian ministries, leading oil companies (Rosneft and LUKOIL), large producers of motor vehicles (KAMAZ, GAZ Group, Machinery & Industrial Group, Yo-AUTO and Russian Railways), executive authorities of Russian constituents as well as the structural units and subsidiaries of Gazprom, addressed the key aspects of the NGV fuel market advancement in Russia.  Gazprom challenged the meeting participants to significantly expand the NGV business in Russia and create a huge gas sales market on its basis to be fed with Gazprom’s gas.

See NGV Global News for more details about the natural gas vehicle in Russia meeting.

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