U.S. Report Documents RNG as the Solution to a Major U.S. Transportation Challenge

A New York-based energy research organization has published a report: Renewable Natural Gas (RNG): The Solution to a Major Transportation Challenge — that states use of renewable natural gas as a vehicle fuel is a technologically viable alternative to relying exclusively on petroleum-based fuels for transportation. The new publication was prepared by Energy Vision, a New York-based energy research organization, and CALSTART, a California-based leader in clean transportation technologies. It details the many benefits of converting organic wastes into clean vehicle fuel.

“Today we can turn this country’s expensive organic waste burden into a clean vehicle fuel solution,” said Energy Vision President Joanna Underwood.  By aggressively embracing this strategy as part of an overall energy plan, the new Obama Administration and the 113th Congress can achieve measurable progress in moving toward this country’s key clean air, climate change, energy, national security, economic and job creation goals.”

Why Renewable Natural Gas? Why Now?

– Producing RNG fuel requires no drilling and avoids the environmental impacts of other fuel choices

– Use of RNG can have a huge impact on U.S. security by significantly reducing our dependence on foreign oil

– Using RNG as a vehicle fuel can strengthen the U.S. economy

– RNG can help meet U.S. climate change goals

– RNG also addresses this country’s expensive solid waste disposal challenge

The link to Energy Vision’s report is: energy-vision.org/wordpress/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/EV-RNG-Facts-and-Case-Studies.pdf 

More information is available by contacting Joanna D. Underwood, President, by email.

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