NGV Statistics Updated

NGV Global has updated it’s report on the number of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and refuelling stations, country by country. According to the information we have to hand, there are now more than 27 million NGVs in the world. Growth is forecast to exceed 30 million by 2024.

Detailed statistics are available to members of NGV Global.

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  1. K P Singh says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Please provide update data of NGV vehicles country wise. We have to see the growth path of NGV automotive industries worldwide.

  2. Ferraris says:


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  3. David Perry says:

    Dear KP Singh,

    The number of natural gas vehicles in the world has risen to 27,395,484 (April 2019).

    The top ten countries in the world:

    COUNTRY NGV Population
    China 6,760,000
    Iran 4,950,000
    India 3,307,466
    Pakistan 3,000,000
    Brazil 1,859,300
    Argentina 1,652,939
    Italy 1,134,982
    Uzbekistan 815,000
    Colombia 579,791
    Thailand 474,486

    More detailed information is only available to members of NGV Global.

    David Perry,
    NGV Global

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