NGV Standards – USA

In the United States, two entities are responsible for the development of standards pertaining to vehicles that use, and filling stations that dispense, natural gas fuel.

CSA Group, a not-for-profit standards organization, is responsible for vehicle and station standards for compressed and liquefied natural gas vehicles. (

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), a United States trade association, also has some jurisdiction. (

Below is a list of the CSA standards that are applicable to vehicles and stations:

CSA CNG Standards

EXP 2.1 – Defueling, Decommissioning, and Disposal of CNG Fuel Containers
NGV 1 – Fueling Connection Devices
NGV 2 – CNG NGV Containers
NGV 3.1 – Vehicle CNG Fuel System Components
NGV 4.1 – CNG Dispensing Systems
NGV 4.2 – Hoses for CNG Dispensing Systems
NGV 4.4 – Breakaway devices
NGV 4.6 – Manual Valves for CNG Dispensing Systems
NGV 4.8 – Reciprocating Compressor Guidelines
NGV 4.11 – Design and Performance for CNG Dryerrs
NGV 5.1 – Home Refueling Appliances
NGV 5.2 – Vehicle Refueling Appliances
NGV 6.1 – Vehicle Installation and Integration for CNG Vehicle Systems
PRD 1 – Pressure Relief Devices for Vehicles

CSA LNG Standards

LNG 1 – LNG Fueling Connection Devices
LNG 2 – LNG Fuel Tanks
LNG 3.1 – Vehicle LNG Fuel System Components
LNG 4.1 – LNG Dispensing Systems
LNG 4.2 – Hoses for LNG Dispensing Systems
LNG 4.4 – LNG Breakaway Devices
LNG 4.6 – Manual Valves for LNG Dispensing Systems
LNG 4.7 – Automatic Valves for LNG Dispensing Systems
LNG 4.9 – LNG Fueling Stations
LNG 4.11 – Odorizer for LNG Dispensing Systems
LPRD 2 – Pressure Relief Devices for LNG Dispensing Systems

For maintenance facilities, the International Code Series (IFC, IMC, IBC) ( and NFPA are used.

For further information, contact NGVAmerica –

(Current: May 2017)

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