CNG Standard Published by Mexican Government

Mexico’s National Agency of Industrial Safety and Protection of the Environment of the Hydrocarbons Sector has published a new CNG standard for the country that sets out the requirements for Compressed Natural Gas filling stations and much more. It is referred to as the Official Mexican Standard NOM-010-ASEA-2016 (Standard), Compressed Natural Gas (CNG).

A link to the document can be found on the Official Journal of the Federation at

This Official Mexican Standard establishes the requirements and specifications for the design, construction and pre-start, operation, maintenance, closing and dismantling of transportable Storage Modules, as well as the Stations of Supply of Compressed Natural Gas for motor vehicles that use it as fuel.

The Standard explains that due to the characteristics of CNG station facilities and locations, which coexist in urban areas with high population rates, it is necessary for these activities to be carried out in compliance with the requirements and design specifications, construction, pre-start, operation, maintenance, closing and dismantling; to guarantee its development in a safe way.

The publication states that the application of this Official Mexican Standard is complemented, among others, with the provisions of the current version of NOM-003-SECRE-2011 (Distribution of Natural Gas and Liquid Liquefied Petroleum Gas by Pipelines) and NOM-001-SEDE-2012 (Electrical installations (Use)), or their successors.

The new Standard takes effect 170 calendar days after its publication in the DOF.

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