Colombian Association Calls for Stronger Policy Environment

The Colombian Natural Gas Association (Naturgas) says natural gas is positioned as the most effective alternative to mitigate the problem of air pollution in cities. In a country where on average 300,000 new vehicles are brought into circulation every year, 18% of greenhouse gas emissions are coming from transport. 

Naturgas says that given the growth of energy demand, the need to reduce emissions and the associated potential economic development, all market players must collaborate to promote and build the demand for natural gas.  The government should promote and facilitate the consumption of gas in the generation of energy, and in the residential, commercial, vehicular, industrial and self-consumption sectors.

The Association calls on the government to:

  • Define the minimum EURO 6 standard for public transport fleets, garbage collection and distribution cargo for the main Colombian cities
  • Encourage the installation of liquefied natural gas supply points in coastal cities for maritime transport
  • Encourage the structuring of complete solutions based on gas for public transport (buses) in Colombian cities. Including supply contracts, transportation by gas pipelines, purchase and amortization of the vehicle fleet and taxes on the activity.
  • Establish that the programs for the scrapping of cargo vehicles prioritize the incorporation of low emission vehicles
  • Ensure Special Conditions throughout the value chain so that the volumes of NGV traded maintain a competitive price differential against liquid fuels, thus encouraging conversion and consumption
  • Grant differential prices in tolls according to emission level to encourage the conversion of vehicles to cleaner energy
  • Decrease tariffs according to level of emissions to encourage the importation of vehicles driven by cleaner energies
  • Increase the number of air quality measurement stations in cities, especially those with fine particulate matter

According to a government source, the total number of natural gas vehicles registered in Colombia as at December 2017 is 568,264.

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