Japan Update 2017

Isuzu GIGA CNG truck

Isuzu GIGA CNG truck

Number of NGVs as at 30 September 2017: 46,316.

NGVs include 2,412 forklifts, more than 10,000 small cars and almost 20,000 trucks.

Filling Stations: 693 – 270 rapid refueling stations; 423 booster fueling device – slow fill

Immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake and the Kumamoto earthquake, natural gas filling stations operated without hindrance. The stable fuel supply made a significant contribution to recovery logistics after the disaster, facing none of the major issues of fuel supply and security for gasoline and diesel (for which there is a heavy bias in the Japanese economy).

The Japan Gas Association publishes information on the types of vehicles and equipment available in Japan.

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