About NGV Global – 33 Years of Operation

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The Natural Gas Vehicle Knowledge Base is a service of NGV Global (formerly known as The International Association for Natural Gas Vehicles – IANGV). The association was established in 1986 to provide the NGV industry with an international forum and to foster growth, safety, product development and policy formation. In June 2010, the Association was renamed to NGV Global.

2019 sees the organisation continuing to grow, not just in size, but also in its effectiveness. 33 years and global recognition are testament to the founders, sponsors, members and dedicated supporting personnel.

Including our affiliated associations, we currently represent the interests of more than 350 members throughout the world.

Since our establishment, we have seen worldwide NGV numbers grow from almost none to more than 27 million vehicles (April 2019).

Primary activities of the association include:

– Government lobbying and policy assistance
– Providing industry information to members and stakeholders
– Standards development and dissemination
– Standards harmonization
– Organizing industry conferences, including our own conference held every two years
– Collecting relevant statistical data
– Facilitating technical information exchange
– Marketing and industry awareness activities