Analysis of CNG and LNG Infrastructure in North America

America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) has recently released a report on the analysis of the US and Canadian Gas Vehicle Market. The results showed that although broader use of CNG and LNG vehicles can come with huge costs and infrastructure challenges, the industry cannot ignore the increasing market demand for natural gas vehicles. Using 2009 numbers, analysis have shown that natural gas demand for transportation is 3.2 billion cubic feet, which is equivalent to 27.7 million gallons of gasoline.

More information: NGV Global News item on CNG and LNG Infrastructure in North America and on ANGA’s website.

Technical Facilities Guidelines Now Available for Canadian Fleet Operators

Commercial fleet operators in Canada can now access technical guidelines for preparing and maintaining facilities for housing natural gas vehicle fleets. The guidelines are available on request from the Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance (see link below).

The guidelines cover issues such as regulatory compliance and the safe handling of natural gas vehicles. Alicia Milner, CNGVA President, says, “Natural gas is a proven and safe fuel for transportation, but its properties are different than those of liquid fuels. These differences need to be understood and addressed in indoor facilities where vehicles are maintained, stored or loaded.”

More information: Canadian Natural Gas Vehicle Alliance, NGV Global News item on NGV guidelines for Canada.